HISTORY behind the name
The name Vitzthum (also Vitztum, Vitztum or Vizedom (all variations are sometimes spelled with a “c”) is derived from the Latin Vicedominus. It was an official title for a deputy or governor of a sovereign (land owner), originally in spiritual, but later also in worldly principalities.

In the course of time, the title developed into that of a sovereign civil servant with the main duties to manage the finances and exercise judicial functions. In central and southern Germany, the Vitzthum evolved into a high level civil servant over time. France saw the evolution of the Vidame, and from the 9th century onwards he is also mentioned in Italy and Spain. From the 11th century onwards he is also known in the southern and western areas of Gauen; the Vicedomini spread especially through Bishop’s churches.

He was one of the First men after a Duke, and he presided over the four most important within the court offices.
In the Bavarian History of Law, the Vitzthum was representative lawyer in absence of the landowner.

In this tradition, we see ourselves today as the stakeholders of the owner of a property. We consult and support our clients with their projects in the formulation and realisation of their goals from planning and erection to operation.