Management Consulting
Strategic consulting for increasing the efficiency of your property and construction department.

Confrontation of construction departments with larger projects or an accumulation of many individual projects may quickly lead to overload with regard to structure and capacity. Our structural and organisational experience and our ability to offer effective spot-on support may be of great value in such cases. We can structure your construction department and establish the conditions required for efficient and effective handling of building processes in your company. This not only applies to structural support and building management coaching, but also to real hands-on support if needed.

Process management

You can take advantage of our lean and high-capacity processes. These allow elimination of time and frictional losses in your company, while capacity reserves are increased. Our process analysts and organisational consultants transport scalable experience gained from process optimisations conducted for our major clients straight to your company. Apart from making your Property and Construction division more effective economically and organisationally, your company’s ability to withstand crises in case of extraordinary circumstances is strengthened considerably.

Quality management

You may wish to have your positive performance certified by means of a Quality Rating. We can document all the key areas of your Property and Construction division and implement the required templates, models and standards of a quality management system in your company. This will permit certification in compliance with DIN ISO 9001 and acquisition of the associated rating. We can also support you during all internal and external audits by established inspection bodies, to make sure you reach your goal safely.

Information and decision management

Another potential for increasing the efficiency of your Property and Construction division often lies in optimised information processing. Using structured processes, we can analyse and optimise your information needs and your information processing requirements. This allows us to create a basis for implementation of an information system for optimisation of your divisions, such as construction accounting, plan and building management, facility management, energy management or CAFM. We generate transparent and effective information and decision-making processes for you, and integrate these in your information processing system by means of coordinated and tested workflows. Our success is ultimately your success.