Transaction management
We provide clarity in all technical issues, transactions and objects.

Key factors of transaction management include precision, quickness and transparency. Rather than considering these as contradictory requirements, we implement them as components of our task assignment. We endeavour to deliver clearer and more accurate results faster than is customary in the transaction business. If an evaluation of special features should be required, we can rely on a network of professionals throughout Germany who are experts in their fields. Even in case of very unusual circumstances, such as near-surface mining, inner-city flood protection, natural radioactive radiation and such- like, we know the pertinent experts and accompany you through every deal.

Technical due diligence of individual real estate properties

We inspect and examine your data room, whether we have to chase after every relevant document, or structure several thousand documents within a short space of time, in order to obtain significant and consolidated information needed for an assessment. We inspect on site. We do this for as long as and as extensively as necessary for the particular property, regardless of suit and tie and never in a drive-by manner. Your property may be a small office building or an object worth several hundred million Euros: our experience in the appraisal of objects spans all orders of magnitude and we look forward to being your partner. We don’t have standard final check lists; we treat every single property as individually as the technical issues and special features characterising it.

Technical due diligence of real estate portfolios

Regardless of whether a number of individual real estate properties are to be organised as a portfolio, or if over 100 objects have to be catalogued, categorised and reviewed within a short period of time, we assist you with every transaction. Our experience and disciplined approach will help you to assess weight and prioritise significant information. It doesn't make any difference if a portfolio is based in one location or region, or the objects are spread far apart. In close collaboration with financial and legal experts, we work out all the technical parameters that are relevant for a secure, stable value investment.

Technical due diligence on the seller side

If you conduct transactions very frequently, we can relieve you of preliminary work associated with all technical issues and prepare relevant technical information, including technical appraisals in support of sale. Additionally, we can offer you structural consulting services and recommend experts for every field of activity, also relating to non-technical areas. Our scope of services is broad, from basic structural consultancy to pragmatic activities such as establishment, filling, release and maintenance of a well-organised data room that contains all essential information.