Technical Asset Management
We keep track of things.

We can make sure that your proprietary interests are always protected in all property management matters involving other parties, including external property managers. The assumption of this responsible task for you involves our top priority: a targeted preservation of your real-estate-related interests. We are excellently qualified to keep track of things for you, because we have been doing this for clients with portfolios encompassing several hundred thousand square meters or only a few housing complexes.

Technical structuring of your real estate portfolio

Technical asset management requires an overview of the essential. Such an overview has to be obtained from the bottom up using thousands of detail data to generate major strategic data. This is the only way to get a real overview rather than a rough outline. We can support you in generating a data basis as well as in creating important and useful parameters. If you wish, we can also structure the entire information path – from detail to result – according to your company-specific requirements and circumstances. The values that we deliver in the end are sound and reliable, allowing us to help you to reach the right strategic decisions and specifications.

Technical asset management in existing structures

We are familiar with a large number of companies that implement all sorts of different investment strategies. This enables us to quickly adapt existing structures and focus our technical services effectively. The service may involve consolidation of numerous detail data to significant parameters, thereby permitting quick provision of appropriate reliable data for your business management considerations. We are happy to get involved in these processes and improve them with you.

Optimisation of object management and maintenance/repair

Comprehensive knowledge of projects and up-to-date technical experience give us a deep insight into the feasibility and rationality of constructional, infrastructural, energetic and maintenance measures. Apart from our technical asset management services, we carry out numerous project tasks in association with diverse project types, from which we gain a high degree of practical knowledge and experience. This is beneficial because it allows us to fully recognise optimisation potentials and quickly verify the economic viability of maintenance and construction costs. We can therefore always give you reliable and appropriate advice, and verify that selected measures can actually be completed within the set budget to ensure that the desired economic success is achieved.

Identification of value creation potentials

Technical asset management not only involves operation and optimisation of existing structures. It is furthermore indispensable to recognise the strategic potentials of individual objects or of an entire portfolio on the basis of experience relating to the respective portfolio properties, and to review this with the involvement of all strategically responsible parties. This is the only way for us as technical consultants to help to ensure that significant value-creation potentials are tapped and value-retaining options are implemented. Familiarity with customary technical standards for all common building types permits us to offer you productive technical consulting and to secure the actually realisable added value.