Project Management
We make sure that you reach your goal.

As project managers, we take on full responsibility for your building project. We function as your building department, relieving you of all associated work from concept development to placing your project into operation. Our services may also be requested with focus on specific key areas.


We work out a feasible budget and time frame to ensure exact realization of your quality requirements. This involves setting up the necessary project organisation and provision of the navigation required to reach the project targets. We use profitability analyses, detailed cost forecasts, liquidity plans and explicit schedules to estimate foreseeable project risks and work out countermeasures in case of any deviation from milestone targets. Our services are generally based on the areas of work as classified by the Committee of the Associations and Chambers of Engineers and Architects for Fee Regulations (AHO, Ausschuss der Verbände und Kammern der Ingenieure und Architekten für die Honorarordnung), but can go beyond these if required. Leadership of the project remains in your hands.

Project management

In addition to project contolling tasks, we can assume the management of your project. In this capacity, we become the central point of contact and bear full responsibility for direction of the project. All of the tasks normally carried out by the client that can be delegated are carried out by us. This includes conflict management and mediation activities, discussions on management and board level, as well as within political and administrative bodies.

User project control

This function involves timely and organised introduction of all specific user requirements in the project. Our services include structuring objects in terms of the various relevant departments involved using communication relationships and work processes, coordinating the finishing work program, obtaining user-specific decisions such as for layout design, and controlling finishing work carried out by tenants. If required, we can also take care of the complete building commissioning and relocation management to ensure punctual commencement of utilization.

Project development support

In close cooperation with your project development, we offer assistance with the establishment of an appropriate starting position, particularly with regard to time-related and financial constraints of your project. In addition, we help you to set up a sound user requirements program, and find a customized architectural design for your project by means of an architectural competition.

Information and plan management

We provide you with a modern web-based information management system to structure and accelerate your day-to-day processes in the planning and building phase. This can optionally include regular maintenance and control of the system until final data transfer including all documentation relating to modifications.